buddhist funerals

Buddhism has risen in popularity in the west with many people adopting some or all of its philosophies. If you’d like a committed, practising Buddhist chaplain to officiate at the funeral of your loved one, then look no further

Buddhist themed funerals

Many people have learned about mindfulness in recent years here in the UK. Mental health is more at the forefront of our minds, and people have a greater understanding of meditation and reflective practices in general.

If your loved one felt a leaning towards Buddhism in their life, then perhaps in their death you would like this to be reflected in their life ceremony?

Most normal westerners wouldn’t know where to start with asking a Buddhist monk or nun to help with a service. However, it is entirely possible to now to have a Buddhist Chaplain officiate for you.

Jennie has been serving as a prison chaplain for over five years, meditation and Buddhist teacher for ten years. She exudes calm and serenity and will bring a nurturing tone to any proceedings.

Whatever your loved one’s tradition; be they Zen, Tibetan or Theravaden, Jennie will understand these different sensitivities around this and help guide you through an appropriate and fitting service.

Many people don’t feel affiliated with anyone tradition of Buddhism in particular. So a broad inclusion of some Buddhist themes is more appropriate, especially if other family members did not share in the same religious feelings. An easy to follow format, that everyone can benefit from using words that reflect kindness, gratitude and simplicity are human qualities that are common to us all.

I’ve put together a simple checklist on what actually happens as a Buddhist funeral, you can read it right here.

If you’re unsure as that what all this could mean for your family and how to create the right ceremony for your loved one, then please do book a time for a free no-obligation chat. I’m delighted to talk you through the process, what options you have and help you decide the right path for you.