funeral writing packages

Don’t leave things for your loved ones to figure out once you’re gone. At a time that’s already difficult, consider the peace of mind you can give your family by having your whole funeral produced already.

lots to consider

When there are so many things to consider when it comes to funerals, why leave things to chance?

At best, some people have signed up with a funeral director and paid for their funeral in advance. This is a great step in the right direction so well done if that’s you already.

Some folk have considered which two pieces of music they would like, although they haven’t made a formal note of this and expect their loved ones to remember. This is especially difficult at a time when they are deeply in the throes of grief and often find information retention impossible.

Don’t leave your family with so many decisions to make, when it could be incredibly simple to make all the preparations you need – right now.

making preparations makes sense

My service is to offer you all the time and consideration I would normally spend with a family, but before your passing so that we can create a eulogy, a welcome, the committal (or farewell), music choices, prayers or poems and words of comfort.

These are all the component parts of a well put together funeral service so that when the time comes, everything has been created and crafted to your specification. No need to be concerned that family and friends are going to have to second guess what you would have liked.

no more second-guessing

Once we’ve drafted, amended and completed the script so that you are happy with it, I shall give you a personalised bound hard copy for you to keep. This can be put away for safekeeping, along with all your other important documents, so that in the event of your death, your family have all they need to hand.

how it is paid for

Usually, celebrant services will be paid for in the disbursements from the Funeral Director. However, providing I am your chosen celebrant on the day, the fee already paid will be credited from the overall cost. Another way to pay less for your service when the time comes.

For me to write you full service, including our first visit to meet one another, plus any amendments and keepsake script is £180. However, I am currently offering a new client introductory price of £90 per script. This offer is valid until 31st December 2020.