Time for change

It’s been a beautiful autumn day here in Folkestone today. I take a walk along The Leas most days and today was no exception. It’s good to see small changes happening – families enjoying the afternoon sun, dog walkers and grandparents with toddlers. The schools have gone back so fewer children around this afternoon, but the scene looks much like it would have done in 2019.

The Leas has a strong association with the second world war, not only with the memorial arch but also in art installations dotted along its length. I decided to perch on a bench, to take a quick photo, and the inadvertently set off the memorial recording which are located under the benches. When the detectors can sense a person nearby, a recorded message is played relaying war time stories which in this instance, was a letter home from a soldier in the second world war.

The man speaking gave the date as 1939 and, in his letter home, told his parents of his love for them, his gratitude at all they had done for him and his hopes to return to his home when the war was over. It struck me as especially poignant as the year is the same as the birth year of a lady who’s service I shall be performing next week.

In my tribute, I drew parallels of the two periods of uncertainty and the requirement of the nation to be determined, patient and to pull together for the greater good. It’s funny how, all these years apart, and despite everyone saying our current situation is ‘unprecedented’, we’ve been called upon before to endure great difficulties.

So it was possible to enjoy my walk, in freedom and pleasant surroundings. Knowing that all things pass, that patient endurance is a skill we do well to acquire at any time in history and that even in our darkest hour, the sun still continues to shine.

I hope you’ve all managed to enjoy the warmth also.

Until next time,